The Manifestation Frequency

The Manifestation Frequency is a 7 day frequency meditation series that will forever shift your relationship with abundance, freedom and manifestation. With morning and evening sessions, we'll go straight to the source, integrating the frequencies of nature, and you will be introduced to your Timeless Self -- beginning the process of absolute liberation in this lifetime.

Who am I?

My name is Rob Baines, and I will be your guide through these meditations.

After a decades-long journey, spanning the globe, dabbling in alternate realities, leading me from investment banking in London to spending lengthy time with Shamanic tribes in the Amazon, I have been guided to the Truth and shown how to render this physical being in the optimal reality.

My only focus with this work is to help you awaken beyond your filters and guide you towards the truth, and the truth is that each one of us is brilliant, and absolute freedom and abundance is available right here right now.

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